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WIA image editor and scanner tool (HTA).
Javascript De-Obfuscator (HTA).

BMap Kit -- Maps and directions. Replaces GMap Kit.
BMap Kit

WEB-ED Editor is now free.
WEB-ED Editor

Windows Group Policy help:
See this page for a Group Policy CHM help file and tools to build your own version of a help file.

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Changes in Computing: Super Silos and Garbage Heap Dogs
What you need to know about developments in computing.

None of the software on this site is "adware" or "spyware" or "malware". See the Installation Tips and Compatibility Info page for further information about that. See the Anti-Virus Issues section of the same page for information about how to deal with possible false positives from overzealous, poorly designed AV software.

This is a .Net-Free website.
   .Net is Microsoft's answer to Java. What does that mean? Like Java, .Net is a semi-contained system, like a small operating system. To use software written in .Net you must have that system, the ".Net Framework", installed. If you download and install a .Net program, you may not be asked or informed before it goes online to download a gigantic package -- in some cases 500 MB or more -- of .Net Framework files.
   JSWare is free of .Net. You will only find normal Windows software here. The downloads are generally under 1 MB. Most of what you find here will run on Windows 98 and up, with no extra files required.

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